49ers song hits the streets just in time


A talented group of musical 49ers fans, including Oakland Tribune community editor Martin Reynolds, has finally given diehards something to push “We’re the 49ers” off of our iPod playlists.

“Not Better Than Us” by Glory Garage just splashed onto Facebook, Twitter, and of course onto the Oakland Tribune web site. Reynolds wrote that they e-mailed the track to Denise DeBartolo-York, who may or may not have already bumped it on her Beats cans.

The ’80s were good times for 49ers fans. Good times. But in the middle of their second Super Bowl season in 1984, a group of 49ers including Dwight Hicks, Dwight Clark and Ronnie Lott recorded an awful but somehow unforgettable tune called “We’re the 49ers.”

The song unwittingly became an anthem of sorts for a generation of 49ers fans, many of whom can still hear the droning chorus if they try hard enough.

“Not Better Than Us” even quotes the 1984 classic about two-thirds of the way through the song, and does it well.

Get this loaded on your iPhone now, ready to blare in the ear of some unsuspecting Saints fan near you.

Jesse Garnier
Jesse Garnier is the editor and founder of SFBay. A Mission District native, he also teaches journalism as associate professor at San Francisco State University.

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