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  1. Even though Alex Smith & Vernon Davis came through in the clutch, this game was truly won by our defense. The defense really played out of their minds today & slowed down Drew Brees enough to give the offense the opportunity to win it. Things were not looking good for a minute & Alex was able to define his career with those final drives. This entire team has worked hard all season & they deserve to win it all. What an amazing victory for the Niners!!!

  2. As a lifelong 49ers fan, I’ve seen just about every minute of every playoff game our team has played in the modern era.

    And nothing was any better than what we saw tonight.

    Jim Harbaugh’s first playoff victory is every bit as seismic as Bill Walsh’s first post-season win exactly thirty years and four days ago.

    Alex Smith proved unflappable, despite at least three of his passes being dropped by 49ers receivers, two by Michael Crabclaws.

    After Harbaugh presented the game ball to Vernon Davis in the locker room, Davis’ message to his team was clear: “We’re not done.”