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49ers’ work shirts had ESPN baffled

Steve Berthauime poked fun of Alex Smith’s work shirt, embroidered with “Alex” on the chest. So did Trey Wingo. Trent Dilfer used the shirt to launch into a praiseful soliloquy on Alex’s game.

But none mentioned the significant origin of the work shirt — Jim Harbaugh, of course — and that one was given to every player on the team before the season started to represent a blue-collar, workman-like approach to winning football.

This isn’t the first time Harbaugh has trotted out the blue-collar treatment. He explains in this video how he used the shirts at Stanford, giving one to Andrew Luck and the team to set a tone for the season.

Alex Smith was shown on Fox arriving at the stadium wearing the blue work shirt and a Giants cap. He was flanked by Vernon Davis and Frank Gore.

Smith donned the work shirt again after the game for his podium press conference, garnering the amused observations from ESPN commentators.

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