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If only the A’s bought pizza for fans

Not many people saw it — Wednesday A’s-Royals game was not televised in the Bay Area — but opposing right fielder Jeff Francoeur built upon his chummy relationship with A’s fans in the right field bleachers.

Bay Area News Group’s Ben Enos was one of the lucky few in attendance that witnessed 20 pizzas delivered to the Bleacher Creatures in section 149.

According to Enos, the gesture is a continuation from last year when the Royals outfielder saw the fans “celebrating their first Bacon Tuesday.” Francoeur attached a $100 bill and a note to a baseball and threw it to the fans. The note read “beers and bacon dogs on me.”

Here’s video shot in the stands Tuesday night.

It’s not often that players on the home team have this kind of bond with fans, so it’s even more remarkable that an opposing player would do something like this. Especially for the Bleacher Creatures, who usually taunt the opposing outfielders mercilessly throughout the game.

Francoeur told the Kansas City Star he loves the relationship:

“This is something more than just baseball. The (fans in that) right-field section are here every game. They cheer for ever (Oakland player). They are diehards. I enjoy them out there. It’s a lot of fun. You don’t get to build relationships like that every day.”

A’s fans were appreciative, serenading Francoeur with “Thank-you, Jeff!” chants.

If the A’s ever acquire the Royals right fielder, it will be interesting to see how Francoeur builds upon the relationship.

And the A’s ownership group can learn a lesson from this. If you treat the fans right, they will be happy. If an opposing player can make the fans happy with a simple gesture, surely they can too.

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