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Owners reboot Haight’s Red Vic

The iconic Red Vic Movie House is about to get a reboot. While you may not be able to catch flicks at the Haight Street movie house anymore, the bright red building is in for some exciting new changes.

Later this year, if all goes to plan, the Red Vic will get a much needed facelift and be transformed into a marketplace and events center.

The lobby area will be converted into extended space for the ever-popular Alembic Bar next door, which will help to alleviate the long wait for a table.

Another portion of the building will become a storefront marketplace area that will house five small, entrepreneurial food-related business start-ups, according to brand-new Upper Haight blog UpperCasing.

Have no fear, though, movies were not completely forgotten. The rear of the current auditorium will become a 49-seat screening room available for rent to local filmmakers, musicians and performers, as well as an event space for meetings, classes, children’s events, and private parties.

Wonder if the screening room will still house some of their legendary couches?

Currently, there are two confirmed food tenants, but the Vic is looking for three more to fill the new marketplace storefront area.

The first storefront will be occupied by PicnicFare, an eco-conscious cafe and bakery that uses locally-sourced ingredients and creates specialty products for those with dietary restrictions.

Another will house Buyer’s Best Friend, a new wholesale food brokerage that focuses on artisan and specialty products from California food producers.

SFBay’s ideas for other storefronts that should occupy this place: Vegan cookie store or a gourmet popcorn cart with nutritional yeast. Just like the old Red Vic would do it.

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