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49ers round out their air attack

In the midst of an incredibly active week in the wide world of football, the 49ers got busy by resigning an old player and scooping up a fresh, new free agent.

After the back-and-forth dance that Alex Smith performed earlier in the week, the Red & Gold resigned another of their players that was making the rounds visiting other teams. After flirting with Detroit, Baltimore and Minnesota, the Niners inked wide receiver Tedd Ginn Jr. to a one-year deal.

Ginn had been looking at other teams with hopes of a bigger role. Ginn told the Detroit Free Press:

“Everyone wishes they could get a ball or two more. That’s just being a human being.”

Ginn will be part of a receiving corps this season which includes newly-acquired Randy Moss and Mario Manningham, as well as previous teammates Kyle Williams and Michael Crabtree.

The Niners also signed former Tampa Bay Buccaneer back-up QB Josh Johnson to a two-year deal.

Johnson played at the University of San Diego for three years under—drum roll, please—Señor Harbaugh. Johnson has wanted to play for Harbaugh again so bad that he was talking about going to the Niners last season during the lockout.

If that isn’t love for your college coach, I don’t know what is.

But I also smell a little drama brewing with this signing: Not only will Johnson be competing with Colin Kaepernick for the second string QB slot, but he might also battle Alex Smith for Harbaugh’s affection.

Harbaugh is a relationship guy, and he told KNBR last year he though of Johnson as a “beloved son.” We’ll have to see if Harbaugh likes his kid — Johnson — more than he likes his caddy — Smith.

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