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A home for the .0001 percent

In the City by the Bay, a quaint-looking stucco home with the right address, view and parking can easily approach one million dollars. So, what does a really expensive home in San Francisco cost?

The most expensive home on the San Francisco housing market can be yours for $38.5 million.

Bonus: It’s on discount! The home hit the market a few years ago at $65 million, so you’re saving nearly $30 million if you act today.

Unfortunately for you eager homebuyers, it’s not even finished yet. Inside, the massive French limestone mansion at 2845 Broadway between Broderick and Baker looks more like an empty warehouse, with exposed beams and no interior walls to speak of.

The mansion was purchased by University of Phoenix’s Peter Sperling in 2004 for $32 million. Sperling has tried to sell it several times since. Sperling is currently  No. 828 on Forbes’ world billionaires list and one of the 400 wealthiest Americans.

For the .0001 percent of people even capable of buying this home, one wonders why they wouldn’t just save themselves the hassle of finishing construction when another finished mansion just down the street is going for a measly $38 million.

Forget libraries and sitting rooms.

Like a true San Franciscan I have to wonder: How many parking spaces does $38.5 million get you?

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