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Apple ready to unveil latest iPad

March 7 is now officially booked on the iCalendars of Bay Area tech geeks after Apple sent out invites for its next unveiling.

The event, to be held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, is drawing speculation about what Apple will squeeze into the newest version of the iPad, and even what it is going to be called.

Though the iPad 2 was not available to order until weeks after its debut, the International Business Times suspects that the iPad 3 will be made available for pre-order immediately after the unveiling.

Other rumors currently circulating about the next iPad include whether or not its camera will improve (Our guess: yes), if it will come with Siri (yes), if it will have a retina screen (yes), and if Apple will take on the Kindle Fire  by introducing an iPad mini (no).

Maybe the best news about the iPad 3 is that discounts are now being offered on the iPad 2. Best Buy has slashed $50 off the price of the current iPad 2, with others likely to follow suit as they clear inventory.

Apple has sold a mind-numbing 55 million iPads since its debut not even two years ago.

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