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Mavericks movie back to capture big waves

As 12-foot waves crash down on the beaches of Santa Cruz, “Of Men and Mavericks” movie crews continue to let the camera roll.

The movie, shot by Walden Media, chronicles the life of fallen Santa Cruz surfer Jay Moriarity. At age 16, Moriarity’s famous wipeout at Mavericks made it on the front of Surfer magazine. He went on to win several championships, until June 15, 2001 when the 22-year-old soul surfer drowned in apparent diving accident off the coast of the Maldives.

The movie crew has been shooting since October and plans to release the movie this coming October. It features Gerard Butler as Frosty Hesson, Moriarity’s mentor and newcomer Jonny Weston as Jay.

Back in December Butler got a taste of Mavericks lethal power. He was swimming out for a scene they were going to shoot when he was quickly tossed against the rocks by a series of waves and held underwater for almost a minute. A barely conscious Butler was pulled out of the water and rushed to the hospital.

Most of the photography for the film has been completed, but several other crews still linger on to take a few more shots. Specifically the crew is waiting around to catch some big wave action off Steamer Lane and Mavericks.

Santa Cruz locals have even landed themselves a few small cameos in the movie.

According to, Pleasure Point could receive 10 to 14-foot waves today. With sunny weather predicted for the weekend, it sounds like the perfect setup for film crews.

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