‘Dude where’s my car?’


Authorities still don’t know why a middle-aged woman drove her Lexus sedan down a stairwell, onto Ocean Beach, and into the waves early this morning.

Firefighters responded to many calls just before dawn that there was a car in the water just down the street from the Beach Chalet off of Great Highway.

SFGate reported a rescue team showed up around 6:30 a.m. and pulled the woman out of the submerged car.

Local residents who had heard the news of the incident were also on the scene, taking in the bizarre sight of the wave-consumed car for themselves.

Ocean Beach resident Joe Spataro told reporters that he’s seen some interesting things since living here, but “not this weird.”

Spataro told the Ocean Beach Bulletin that the driver must have been “either drunk, mentally unstable or really, really pissed off at her husband or boyfriend.”

Fire Department Captain Jeanne Seyler told reporters that the woman used stairwell 25 near Judah, to drive onto the beach before stopping her car in the surf.

The National Park Service is waiting for low tide before they attempt to pull the car out of the water. (UPDATE 11:38 a.m. SFBay’s Scot Tucker reports from the scene that a tow truck has arrived on the scene.)

The woman—whose name has still not been released—suffered minor injuries and has been moved to San Francisco General Hospital. Where she’ll no doubt undergo a nice psychiatric evaluation.

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