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Bike messengers to the rescue

Ever wished you had a magical genie? You know, the kind that grants you all your wishes without you even having to get off your comfy couch? Well now San Francisco has its very own kind of genie: Taking Care of Business (TCB) a unique all-encompassing bike messenger service.

The service, available for a reasonable price, will fulfill your every request, within reason, of course. Need someone to pick up dinner, dry cleaning, your prescriptions? TCB’s got it covered. The courier service, although not related to your mailman, will deliver in rain, shine, or snow.

And from the sounds of the Yelp reviews they received, these couriers are willing to go to any lengths to complete their mission. From midnight McDonald’s runs to fetching kitty food because “my fat cats may eat me if I didn’t get their food,” TCB does it all.

The company is also partnering with several restaurants in The City that don’t normally deliver, like Baby Blues BBQ, and Jay’s Cheesesteak, to hook up customers with free delivery.

To use the service place your order online or via phone and within minutes a nice bike messenger will be knocking at your door with your much-needed items. They deliver to anywhere in the city but the fees are based on your location and request.

So next time you are craving a sandwich, a bottle of booze, or a new pair of pants, just call up TCB.

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