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Oakland’s 9th inning rally to keep the A’s

The A’s owners may not want to keep the team in East Bay, but Oakland is making one more attempt at keeping the floundering franchise from moving south to San Jose.

City officials have enlisted stadium designer HKS Inc., JRDV Architects of Oakland and Forest City Enterprises to develop a plan for a potential stadium on the plot of land occupied by the Coliseum and the neighboring land.

The cost to Oakland for this two-out, two-strike swing? Oh, only $3 million.

But don’t worry, the city didn’t redirect more funds to pay for something that probably wont work – the money is coming from its now-defunct Redevelopment Agency.

Will the plan fly? Probably not.

Lew Wolff is pretty hellbent on moving the A’s out of Oakland. But the city has to do whatever it can to keep the A’s at home.

While the A’s don’t draw that many fans to the stadium, their fan base is loyal and passionate, and they would never forgive Oakland for letting the A’s leave without a fight.

In fact, A’s fans may never forgive the city if they do put up a fight and lose.

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