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Occupy takes it to the top of Wells Fargo

The typically unpredictable and entertaining street scene of 16th and Mission was even more so on Saturday, as a handful of Occupy protesters took the roof of a Wells Fargo branch while dozens more circled and chanted on the ground.

Bewildered clerks locked the doors and were only letting customers out during the occupation, which began about noon on a spectacularly lovely Mission afternoon. Occupiers managed to deploy large banners and even pitch a tent on the roof of the single-story building.

The Chron reports police arrived and arrested at least four protesters, who voluntarily walked down a fire department ladder and turned themselves in without resistance.

The Occupy Wall St. West blog said protesters marched to the nearby Mission police station in solidarity of those arrested, taking up a lane of traffic at one point. Protesters handed out flyers promoting next Friday’s Occupy Wall St. West event.

Even at the peak of the occupation, at about 12:30, life at 16th and Mission not 15 yards away went entirely undisturbed. The usual melange of portable P.A. systems and general loudness drowned out the reasonably large protest less than half a block away.

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