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Giant hole in Dolores Park is getting filled

While residents and The City wrap up their quibbles over pissoirs and bike polo courts, the children’s playground is halfway done and on schedule for a grand opening in the spring.

The new Helen Diller playground promises a 40-foot super slide, a “play mound,” and two boats for “different age groups.” We’re dubious that this includes adults, even though it sounds like as much fun for grown-ups after hours as it does for kids during the day.

As important as the play improvements are, the new irrigation and storm water collection system really take the cake. Often times during wet months, the old Dolores Park playground was surrounded by a moat of rainwater, running off of boy beach and 20th Street and collecting around the play structure.

Also important are the improvements to access and loading. A new passenger zone will make it easier to drop off and pick up the little ones. Not made any easier is the parking around Dolores Park.

Parents, do yourself a favor and use the new playground as a chance to teach your kids how to take the bus. My mom did it when I was five and I haven’t looked back since.


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