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First muffin fired in Noe Valley dessert war

Everybody seems to love food trucks these days. Except restaurants, coffee shops, and anybody else who has invested a ton in their business only to have a four-wheeled, Twitter-fueled competitor roll right into their neighborhood.

In this case, the battlefield is strategic Noe Valley, on 24th between Sanchez and Church. A battle is literally brewing between Martha and Bros. coffee and the Cookie Time truck, which has a permit to park in a rented stall in the parking lot directly across from Martha’s. And right next to Martha’s two “free” parking spaces for their customers.

Marina Snetkova, a Noe Valley resident who converted a taco truck into a bake shop, is allowed to sell organic cookies, muffins and yes, coffee, up to 12 hours a day, six days a week.

Snetkova told the Noe Valley Voice:

“I put up my life savings for this business, got the truck, got all my permits with the city, and rented a stall in this parking lot in my neighborhood.”

Meanwhile, Martha Monroy is miffed not just at the truck, but that Snetkova put her grand opening sign on the sidewalk directly in front of Martha’s on Cookie Time’s first day of business on Black Friday.

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