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Shotgun-wielding man terrorizes Emeryville hotel guests, staff

A man with a modified shotgun terrorized guests and staff at an Emeryville hotel early Sunday morning. Police, with help from drone technology, were able to bring an end to the frightening situation with no injuries reported.

According to police, 29-year-old Richmond resident Michael Valladareschirinos entered the Sonesta Hotel lobby early Sunday morning armed with a shotgun. Several 911 calls indicated the man was threatening guests and employees at the hotel at 5555 Shellmound Street. 

Police responded and visually confirmed that the suspect was indeed walking around the lobby with what they said appeared to be a modified shotgun. 

With officers from Emeryville and nearby jurisdictions surrounding the hotel, police attempted to make contact with Valladareschirinos over the course of two hours. Officials said the suspect was pacing on the ground floor, waving the shotgun around. His pacing made it difficult for officers to keep him in sight, so they turned to the help of a drone brought in by Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

A drone deployed into the hotel lobby helped officers locate the man on a lobby couch, apparently sleeping. Police entered the building around 4 a.m. and detained the man without further incident or any reported injuries. 

Valladareschirinos, who was found to have several outstanding warrants, now faces multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, possession of a modified shotgun and possession of a loaded firearm

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