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Bay Area Covid-19 update: Piedmont park shuts down, Santa Clara County Fairground to shelter homeless

President Donald Trump told reporters Saturday that his administration is considering imposing a federal quarantine on the hardest hit states: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. He affirmed the statement on Twitter by saying:

“I am giving consideration to a QUARANTINE of developing “hot spots”, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. A decision will be made, one way or another, shortly.”

Later in the day, Trump indicated via Twitter that in lieu of a quarantine, he asked the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to “issue a strong Travel Advisory.”


  • Confirmed Cases: 122,666
  • Deaths: 2,147
  • Recoveries: 1,073

Source: John Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center COVID-19 tracking tool as of Saturday at 6:50 p.m.


Gov. Gavin Newsom said Saturday that 170 ventilators sent from the national stockpile arrived broken in Los Angeles County Friday. The ventilators were quickly shipped to Bloom Energy where they are being repaired and Newsom said he anticipates they will be sent back in working order Monday. 

In a press conference from the Bloom Energy facility, Newsom said:

“That’s the spirit of California. That’s the spirit of this moment. Take responsibility, take ownership and take it upon ourselves to meet this moment head on.”

The California Department of Public Health has not updated the state’s Covid-19 data since Friday, when the state saw a 26 percent increase in confirmed cases in one day, Newsom said. 

The governor signed an executive order Friday to halt evictions for renters impacted by the outbreak. The order is effective immediately and through May 31. Tenants must provide documentation to landlords no more than seven days after rent is due, according to a statement issued on the governor’s office website. Tenants would still be required to pay rent after the order is lifted and may still be evicted later.     

Jesse Garnier/SFBay Bay Area Covid-19 tracker.

Alameda County

  • Confirmed Cases: 240
  • Deaths: 6
  • Recoveries: 0

Source: The Alameda County Public Health Department as of Saturday.

Officials said Friday that Hampton Park, also known as Piedmont Sports Field, was closed Thursday out of concern for gatherings reported that violate shelter orders. 

Livermore Park and Recreation District ratified a state of emergency during a special Wednesday Board of Directors meeting. Indoor and outdoor facilities had previously been closed and all programs canceled, but the new declaration will allow the district better respond to changing needs as the Covid-19 situation evolves.

City of Berkeley

  • Confirmed Cases: 16
  • Deaths: 0
  • Recoveries: 0

Source: The City of Berkeley as of Friday at 10:00 a.m. Berkeley reports separately from Alameda County.

Contra Costa County

  • Confirmed Cases: 168
  • Deaths: 3
  • Recoveries: 0

Source: Contra Costa Health Services as of Saturday at 1 p.m.

Marin County

  • Confirmed Cases: 74
  • Deaths: 1
  • Recoveries: 0

Source: Marin Health and Human Services as of Saturday.

Napa County

  • Confirmed Cases: 10
  • Deaths: 0
  • Recoveries: 0

Source: Department of Health and Human Services as of Thursday.

San Francisco

  • Confirmed Cases: 308
  • Deaths: 4
  • Recoveries: 0

Source: San Francisco Department of Public Health as of Saturday at 9 a.m.

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital officials said an emergency department staff is isolating at home after testing positive.

San Mateo County

  • Confirmed Cases: 274
  • Deaths: 6
  • Recoveries: 0

Source: San Mateo County Health Department as of Saturday at 9:29 a.m.

NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Colorized scanning electron micrograph of an apoptotic cell (greenish brown) heavily infected with SARS-COV-2 virus particles (pink), isolated from a patient sample. Image captured and color-enhanced at the NIAID Integrated Research Facility (IRF) in Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Santa Clara County

  • Confirmed Cases: 591
  • Deaths: 25
  • Recoveries:

Source: Santa Clara County Public Health Department as of Friday.

Officials Saturday announced a partnership between Santa Clara County, the City of San Jose and the Santa Clara County Contiuum of Care Partners to address needs of homeless people who are impacted by the outbreak.

The press release said the county and city have so far been able to secure 172 hotel and motel rooms in San Jose, Santa Clara and Gilroy that will serve as temporary housing sites for homeless individuals who need to isolate and quarantine.

In addition, officials said the county is setting up a temporary shelter at the county fairgrounds site and the city of San Jose will open two more sites at Parkside Hall and South Hall. 

Solano County

  • Confirmed Cases: 34
  • Deaths: 0
  • Recoveries: 0

Source: Solano Public Health as of Friday at 2 p.m.

Sonoma County

  • Confirmed Cases: 40
  • Deaths: 1
  • Recoveries: 13 

Source: County of Sonoma as of Friday at 7 p.m.

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