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Supe proposes broad expansion to illegal dumping laws

San Francisco Supervisor Shamann Walton is tightening laws when it comes to illegal dumping on city streets.

Department of Public Works officials told the Board of Supervisors in March that The City spends approximately $10 million per year to have crews from either Public Works or Recology clear the streets of illegally dumped items.

Walton, who represents District 10, introduced an ordinance Tuesday that expands the definition of prohibited items to include electric scooters, station or stationless bikes. Additionally, the ordinance broadens definitions of commercial and electronic waste.

The supervisor said:

“Illegal dumping has been very prevalent in many of our neighborhoods.”

Between January and November of this year, DPW data reflects that 90,900 reports of illegal dumping were received and addressed by either Recology or DPW crews.

In District 10, there were 11,177 service orders for illegal dumping. District 9 has been most problematic with nearly 17,000 illegal dumping reports.

Walton is proposing the establishment of an administrative fine of up $1,000 per day for each violation.

Dennis Herrera/Flick Illegal dumping in Hunters Point/Bay View, San Francisco, Calif.

Currently, the City Attorney’s Office can pursue civil lawsuits against individuals for abatement costs, but those cases have been far and few between, Walton’s office said.

As of now, only San Francisco police officers can issue citations for individuals caught in the act of illegal dumping, but Walton’s proposal would extend that right to DPW staff.

Walton plans to amend the proposal next year to require that contractors provide receipts proving they properly disposed of materials and debris before they’re eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion and Occupancy from the Department of Building Inspection.

Additionally, the supervisor intends to craft an amendment next year that would allow The City to seize vehicles from repeat offenders.

Supervisors Matt Haney and Sandra Fewer co-sponsored the proposed ordinance.

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