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Marin County reports two flu deaths, recommends vaccination

The Marin County Public Health Department said Tuesday that two people in the county have died from the flu.

One death occurred in a hospital in late November and the other death occurred in the first week of December.

At least 24 people in California have died from the flu between Sept. 29 and Dec. 7, Marin County Public Health Officer Dr. Matthew Willis said.

Willis said:

“This is an important reminder to get vaccinated if you haven’t yet.”

Willis continued:

“Flu can be very serious, especially for older residents, and vaccine is our best defense.”

Socializing at gatherings and traveling during the holiday season can lead to increased opportunities to spread the illness, Willis said.

Early testing of the circulating flu strains show this season’s vaccine is protective against the most common types of flu, county health officials said.

Symptoms of the flu include a fever that can last three to four days, severe muscle or body aches, chills, chest discomfort, cough, headaches and fatigue. People who are not seriously ill should stay home, drink fluids and take medicine for a fever.

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