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Haney wins affordable housing fight, more than doubles developer fees

Increasing The City’s affordable housing was one of Matt Haney’s top priorities when he campaigned to represent District 6. He’s making bold moves to fulfill his promises as an elected supervisor.

Haney sponsored legislation to increase fees office building developers pay toward construction of affordable housing units. Despite objections from developers and the mayor, he built a coalition of support from community groups and labor unions. His bill was unanimously passed 11-0 by the full Board of Supervisors Tuesday.

Until now, office builders have paid a jobs-housing linkage fee of $26 per square foot. The revenue minimally contributed to the 810 new housing units deemed necessary for every 1 million square feet of new office space developed, according to the Job Housing Nexus Analysis published in May.

City officials say the increased fees will generate approximately $400 million over the next eight years, which will help offset the cost of constructing needed housing.

The legislation phases in developer fee increases. Projects already in the pipeline, approved by Planning Department before Sept 10 will pay a fee of $52.20 per square foot. Projects submitted for approval between Sept. 11 and Jan. 1, 2021 will be charged $60.90 per square foot, and the fee will ultimately increase to $69.60 per square foot for projects approved after Jan. 1, 2021.

Citing a recent Jobs-Housing Fit report, requested by Supervisor Gordon Mar and prepared by the Budget and Legislative Analyst, Haney said The City was falling behind, building only one unit of housing for every 8.5 jobs created over the last decade. He was not surprised by the statistic.

Many people have moved from the area due to the continued housing crisis. Haney recognizes the increasing strain on those now forced to commute long distances to work in The City.

Haney said:

“It’s been a massive displacement of particularly low- and moderate-income households in our city.”

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