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Series of small earthquakes strike Dublin area

A preliminary 2.7 magnitude earthquake struck near Dublin Monday afternoon, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The quake struck...

SF could soon require charging stations in about 300 parking lots, garages

San Francisco moved a step closer to adding thousands of electric vehicle charging stations citywide. The legislation passed by...

Predicting Oakland’s Wild Card roster, starting lineup to face Rays, Charlie Morton

When the A's opened their 2019 regular season at the Tokyo Dome, their own starting pitching -- or lack...

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  1. The group, “Direct Action Everywhere,” is notorious within the vegan and animal rights community, for their dishonesty, greed, racism, misogyny, fake animal “rescues,” and incompetent animal care. Due to the dishonesty and malice of their founder, Wayne Hsiung, there is not one single farm animal sanctuary in northern California that will have anything to do with these incompetent and self-aggrandizing jerks. Hsiung has a sordid personal history that includes sexual harassment/stalking of a woman while he was in grad school at MIT, sexual predation of an underage girl years later in Chicago, and even a violent physical assault against his own mother. So it’s no coincidence that the bizarre subculture of Direct Action Everywhere has been riddled since its inception in 2013 with repeated cases of sexual assault, gaslighting of victims, racism, etc. By the way, it’s not necessary to “investigate” animal farms for cruelty, as it has been common knowledge for decades that “humane” and “free-range” are just terms that animal agribusiness uses as fake marketing ploys.