Another day closer to the San Francisco 49ers preseason debut against the Dallas Cowboys, and the offense stole the show Wednesday. Practicing red zone 11-on-11’s, Jimmy Garoppolo picked apart the opposing defense for four straight touchdowns, forcing one veteran member of the team to call out the defense.

Quarterback Performance

Jimmy Garoppolo (30 snaps)

Nick Mullens (23 snaps)

C.J. Beathard (12 snaps)

  • 3-of-5 passing (60%)
  • Completed passes to Goodwin (x1), Dwelley (x1), Pettis (x1)
  • Ran the ball with Mostert (x3), Breida (x4)

Garoppolo’s touchdowns set a fire under 49ers defense

The 49ers offense was off rolling early on. Garoppolo’s 11-on-11 red zone drills were a thing of beauty. Post practice, he was asked about the success.

Garoppolo rattling off back-to-back-to-back-to-back touchdowns in the red-zone fired up Sherman. The veteran corner pulled his defense aside for a spirited pep-talk.

Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh said of the incident:

“Sherm is an outstanding leader. His message was that we’re getting to a point in camp where it’s easy to feel sorry for yourself. But, if you want to be a champion, champions rise to every occasion. So, he wanted to see the team finish strong and that was basically the message.”

Dwight Clark Day, and 49ers legends who may impact Jimmy Garoppolo

August 7th, or 8/7, is Dwight Clark Day. The late 49er legend died June 4th of last year. A statue has been put up in the front of the stadium commemorating “The Catch.” In addition to the statue, which was unveiled last season, the 49ers have made other plans to remember Clark throughout the 2019 season.

Garoppolo is too young to have been around for “The Catch,” and was never able to meet Clark. Following Wednesday’s practice, Garoppolo discussed what he believed Clark’s impact on the 49er’s organization might have been:

“He sounded like a very charasmatic guy. I never got to meet him unfortunately, but just the energy he brought, it sounded like it was contagious. Would have loved to have had the chance to meet him, but it sounded like he made a real impact on this organization.”

Garoppolo was then asked about “The Catch” itself, which he recalled as one of the defining moments in 49ers history by which he knew the organization:

It’s incredible. For Joe [Montana] to keep it alive first, and then to give Dwight the chance in the back of the end zone, and really put it in the only spot you can put it, it’s a life-time play right there.”

The 49ers as a franchise has such a history of success, from players such as Montana, Steve Young, Clark, Jerry Rice, the list goes on and on. Beginning a new era of 49ers football, Garoppolo is the franchise quarterback, a player who would love to be in the same conversation as past quarterbacks such as Montana and Young. Garoppolo was asked if he has had the chance to work with either of the two 49ers legends.


“He’s getting a lot closer. It’s like I said, he does not lack athletic ability or anything like that. It’s just catching up in the position, with the position. He’s a smart kid so he’s learning pretty quick. When his feet are on the ground and he’s in the box or he’s in the middle of the field he’s got great physicality to him. I’m excited about the direction he’s going into and he’s making that competition very close. He’s doing a very, very good job.”

  • Jimmy Garoppolo has gotten an up-close and personal look at rookie defensive end Nick Bosa throughout camp. The rookie has been punishing offensive lineman and has pressured Garoppolo constantly. After practice, Garoppolo was asked about how much he’s felt Bosa going against him in practice:

“A decent amount. He’s made some good plays, he’s just a savvy rookie. For him to play the run and pass the way he does, it’s impressive. “

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