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Businesses, organizations form ‘All In’ coalition to help city’s homeless

Sixty-five San Francisco businesses and organizations have joined forces to create the All In campaign, a coalition that seeks to provide solutions for the city’s homeless.

The coalition, which includes names like Google, Lyft, Uber, the San Francisco Giants, the Coalition on Homelessness and Larkin Street Youth Services among others, made the announcement during a rally at Duboce Park Thursday morning.

“We’re making a commitment; a commitment of compassion, of love to say to those that are living here with no homes that we are here for you, said Lateefah Simon, a BART board director and board member of Tipping Point Community, which is leading the All In campaign.

Coalition officials said:

“Our goal … is to live our values that we are all in. That we believe together as a community that men, women and children have inalienable rights and that right starts with a safe place to live.”

The coalition is seeking to help the city’s reported 1,100 homeless residents find homes and:

“[B]reak the political gridlock and ill will that has recently characterized the public debate over homelessness in the city.”

Daniel Lurie, CEO and Founder of Tipping Point Community said:

“All In is a campaign for solutions and our first call is to house 1,100 people experiencing homelessness across all 11 districts in San Francisco in the next two years.”

Lurie said:

“It can no longer be about business versus City Hall or activists versus homeowners. We must be a united coalition, like the one that is here in this incredible park today, tied together by a shared commitment to embrace solutions that work. That’s what makes this difference.”

Wade Rose, vice president of government and external relations for Dignity Health, said:

“We are treating symptoms, we are not treating the root cause of the symptoms. The primary cause is that there is simply not enough affordable homes for the people who want to live in San Francisco to live in.”

“We have to find ways to build more places for people to live.”

Thursday’s announcement comes after a reported 17 percent increase in homeless people in San Francisco since 2017.

More information about the new coalition can be found at

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