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Oakland’s new bike plan to serve all residents, identities

The Oakland Department of Transportation announced its 2019 bike plan, which intends to reflect all of Oakland in ways...

Suspect at large in Concord waterpark shooting

A man was shot and wounded late Saturday afternoon in the parking lot of the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor...

Driver arrested after rolling car, crashing into pole

Officers responding to reports of a rollover accident on Saturday night on Boris Court arrested a 46-year-old Rohnert Park...

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  1. Oh right on cuz thats what we need another park for our homeless to get kicked out of. We need housing not a another park. Why dont they turn over all those empty houses and apartments that have been sitting there for years and years? Excuse me if im not excited. Its a huge slap in the face if you ask me. Get your priorities straight people. Everyone acts like its so complicated. Its only complicated because you make it that way. Period. All of these homeless people had homes at one point in time so to act like they wouldnt know how to act is ridiculous. I also want to k ow why everyone associates homelessness with crime? Thats just straight out weird