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New Haven teachers strike for 10 percent raise

New Haven Unified School District officials said only about 20 percent of students attended the district’s schools Monday on the first day of a strike called for by the teachers’ union.

The New Haven Teachers Association’s roughly 600 teachers began striking Monday after bargaining teams between the district and union were not fruitful Sunday.

The school district said its last, best and final offer is a 3 percent one-time payment and a 1 percent permanent increase to the pay schedule for the 2019-20 year, with an improvement to the offer Sunday by adding language that would allocate salary increases if the district receives additional money from the state.

The teachers are seeking a 10 percent pay raise over the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years.

The district, which includes 12 schools in Union City and Hayward, is using substitute teachers and administrative staff to lead activities at the school for students still in attendance during the strike.

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  1. Some FYI says:

    Please help the community by investigating and reporting the full compensation that striking New Haven government K-12 teachers are now earning. The public will be stunned.

    People fail to recognize that government teachers earn a “Government Retirement Income Benefit” each year that needs to be considered. For example, when including the yearly earned deferred income, government K-12 teachers in San Jose earn far more than Medical Doctors during their career. See:

    Use the existing salary schedule for New Haven School District teachers and include the “Government Retirement Income Benefit”. Compare compensation to medical doctors and engineers who work far more hours per year. The public needs to know. ;)

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