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SF health officials issue possible measles exposure alert

The San Francisco Department of Public Health issued an alert Tuesday warning residents of a possible measles exposure after...

Special election pits senior housing, homeless services against open space

Alameda residents are voting in a special election Tuesday on two competing measures that will decide the fate of...

T-Third switchbacks halted in move toward improved service

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and District 10 Supervisor Shamann Walton are following up on a promise to...

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  1. Okay, first most of the people the left has attacked are not alt-right. Second, many people conservatives, liberals, centrists, etc… have told feral leftists to stop engaging in this aggressive and violent behavior (to include bashing people over the head with a bike lock) towards trump supporters or anyone else they merely disagree with. Feral leftists have failed to heed.

    Are you going to sit here and pretend to be shocked when someone finally gets tired of it and does something about a feral leftist?