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SF health officials issue possible measles exposure alert

The San Francisco Department of Public Health issued an alert Tuesday warning residents of a possible measles exposure after a contagious person visited the city last week.

There is no outbreak, and the risk to the general public is low. The contagious person visited several places in San Francisco, including public transit.

Most San Francisco residents have received the measles vaccine (“MMR”) as children and are immune. Still, public health officials warn that unvaccinated children, adults born in 1957 or later, and those with severely weakened immune systems are especially vulnerable.

Symptoms can develop between seven and 21 days after the date of exposure and can include fever, cough, runny nose, and red eyes, followed by a red rash starting at the head or face.

If any of those symptoms develop, residents are advised to call their doctor right away.

MMR vaccination is available through doctor offices, clinics and pharmacies. For those without insurance or Medi-Cal, the vaccine is available at low or no cost through the San Francisco Department of Public Health. A list of the dates, times and locations where people may have been exposed can be found at

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