San Mateo County services resume after two-day union strike


San Mateo County services resumed Thursday after the conclusion of a two-day union strike that started Tuesday over working conditions and retiree health care.

The strike was led by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 829. Over 900 employees joined the demonstration, affecting some health clinics and recovery services, as well as the sheriff’s and District Attorney’s offices.

Of eleven bargaining units represented by AFSCME in San Mateo County, Local 829 was the only one unable to reach a contractual agreement with the county.

“We are glad to see our employees back at work today so that we can continue providing outstanding services,” County Manager Mike Callagy said in a news release.

The agreement includes a 12 percent pay increase over three years, in addition to specific raises based on longevity and hard-to-fill positions. The local union was unable to secure a contract addressing caseloads, staffing retention, telecommuting and other requirements.

“We’ve come a long way in addressing many issues and we believe this offer that was accepted by 10 of the 11 representation units is generous and fair,” Callagy said in a statement.

The county will also establish a labor-management committee to review sick leave and retiree health care as part of its agreement with the 10 bargaining units.

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