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Muni fares to climb next month for locals, tourists

San Francisco Muni fares will increase Sept. 1 for monthly Fast Pass users but visitors who purchase a visitor passport in advance from the transit agency will see a decrease in cost.

The cost of the monthly Muni-only Fast Pass increases from $75 to $78 while the discounted monthly Fast Pass for youth, seniors and people with disabilities will rise from $38 to $39.The Lifeline monthly Muni Fast Pass will also rise from $38 to $39.

Transit officials are giving visitors a break who purchase the one-day visitor passport through Clipper or on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s MuniMobile app where passengers can pay as you go or store tickets for future use. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The cost of a one-day visitor passport currently is $22 no matter where a person purchases the pass, but if purchased on a Clipper card or through MuniMobile, the cost reduces to $12 starting next month.

Other visitor passport passes will also see a slight decrease in cost when purchased on a Clipper card or through MuniMobile. The three-day visitor passport will reduce from $33 to $29 and the seven-day visitor passport will reduce from $43 and $39.

Passengers who do not pay in advance for visitor passports will see an increase of of either $1 or $2 for each passport.

The SFMTA is also introducing a new fare media on MuniMobile. A $5 all-day pass will become available starting next month. The pass does not include cable car rides.

Single-ride fares will remain the same next month.

The fare changes are part of the SFMTA’s $1.2 billion two-year budget approved by the transit agency’s Board of Directors in April.

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