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Warriors bring the party back to Oakland streets

For the third time in four seasons, the Golden State Warriors took to the streets of Oakland to celebrate an NBA championship, once again with more than a million fans in attendance.

In a new format, created by the Warriors award-winning public relations team, Golden State opted to ditch the post-parade rally and partake in a more interactive experience in which players, coaches and other notable Bay Area figures were able to mingle with Dub Nation.

In place of the rally, where players like Draymond Green have famously addressed the fans and reflected on their championship journey, was a quick Q-and-A which took place prior to the parade itself.

Starting the parade atop the traditional blue and gold-clad busses, players including Jordan Bell, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Nick Young quickly climbed down to street-level to enjoy the day’s festivities.

Curry relished in the presence of the seemingly endless number of fans that lined the streets as he gave enthusiastic high-fives and signed autographs. The now three-time-champion also brought the Larry O’Brian Trophy along for the ride with him for all to see.

Aaron Levy-Wolins/SFBay

The ever-shirtless Young with a celebratory cigar betwixt his lips also looked to be having fun with fans. The self-proclaimed “Swag Champ” sprayed bottles of champagne over fans who in return chanted “Swaggy-P,” much to Young’s delight.

Of all the Warriors, however, the player who looked to be the most engulfed in the championship celebration was Bell. Starting the parade with an empty bottle of Hennessy, the rookie forward searched high and low for more liquor from fans until finally achieving his goal midway through the parade route.

As if more cognac wasn’t enough, Bell accepted a pair of beers from a fan which he promptly guzzled like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Bell also grabbed brooms from fans at multiple instances only to sweep the ground and signal “4-0” to the giant crowds of people.

Green, dawning his latest troll shirt aimed at LeBron James, followed this trend as well sweeping from the top of his bus as it cruised down Broadway.

Along with the players, Warriors coaching staff got a chance to get involved with those in attendance. Defensive assistant coach Ron Adams was spotted walking the streets along with assistant head coach Mike Brown.

Head coach Steve Kerr, who now has eight championships between his playing and coaching careers, could have been mistaken for a political candidate as he shook hands and literally kissed babies along the way.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr (left) holds a child in his arms during the Warriors NBA Championship parade in Oakland, Calif. on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. Aaron Levy-Wolins/SFBay

Bay Area celebrities were also seen participating in the parade as local rappers G-Eazy and E-40 made their rounds.

When all was said and done, the streets of Oakland were covered in blue and gold confetti, the smell of alcohol lingered in the air and clouds of cannabis smoke rose to the tops of the buildings. Just another Warriors championship parade in Oakland.

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