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2-alarm fire knocked down in San Jose

A two-alarm fire at a duplex in San Jose has been knocked down, but firefighters will remain on the...

Aromas garage fire causes $300,000 in damages

A garage fire in northeast Monterey County on Tuesday afternoon caused an estimated $300,000 of damage.

Police searching for 3 suspects in SoMa robbery

San Francisco police are searching for three suspects who stole high-end watches, jewelry and electronics from a South of...

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  1. Sounds like we’re making progress in balancing needs, but what these residents need is an outlet, not to scream and yell to get rid of buses, but not what’s working and what isn’t and find a solution. Maybe a stop is better situated a block away or maybe it needs to either be expanded and/or provided longer hours. You cant just say no you dont want buses, because they inherently have just as much right to drive there as those earth shaking, ear splitting motorcycles and bass thumping cars, and every other car, minivan, and bicycle.

    Let’s voice these concerns constructively so the kids are not put in harms way, and that buses are not needlessly idling and polluting our neighborhoods.

  2. I hope the SFMTA and Board of Supervisors will rely on data to make their decisions regarding the shuttles. The busses help with congestion, but hubs are not going to help nearly as much. Further, most of the genuine problems have been met and can be addressed by further rules. A strict prohibition on idling is one such rule we should enforce. Lastly, I hope politicians and appointees realize that the loudest voices in this are residents who don’t use the shuttles and resent their presence in their neighborhoods. But I would bet that the majority of people not using the shuttles either like the shuttles’ taking down the number of private commute cars on streets or are not bothered by the busses. Quiet acceptance or approval gets little publicity.