Curry hits 400th 3-pointer of season in finale


73 wins wasn’t the only milestone Stephen Curry greeted Wednesday night.

Curry hit his 400th three-pointer of the season, sinking 6-of-9 during the first quarter alone, and reaching 400 shortly after halftime. Curry has set a new record for distance shots made in three of the previous four seasons.

This story has been updated with quotes and post-game material from the Warriors locker room at Oracle Arena.

During the 2012-’13 season Curry sank 272, following it with 261 the next season.  In the 2014-’15 league year, Curry made 286 three’s, while maintaining a 44 percent clip.

This season, Curry heaved nearly 1,000 three-point shots, the most ever in a season since the shot was introduced in 1979. The previous record was held by George McCloud during the 1995-’96 league year.

And while a few teammates tried to force Curry the ball to close the first half, two missed attempts in total, it became clear in the locker room that he knew full well that there was only one left.

Curry described a locker room interaction between him and Klay Thompson, that helped shape a better mood:

“Klay actually, it was funny, at halftime, right before halftime I shot those two going into the break and missed them both. Then everyone knew I was one away. So he wrote on a bottle, we sit next to each other in the locker room, he wrote on the bottle ‘400 three pointers. Dot, dot, dot.’ And he handed it to me. I’m like ‘Bro, I’m one away!’ He said ‘Yeah, I know. I could tell by the way you were shooting those last two.'”

Ray Allen more recently hoisted 653 during the height of his career, in 2005-’06, a midway point of a run that included six straight all-star selections.

The league’s second place runner up for made three’s is none other than Klay Thompson, who has 276 to his season at halftime.

Curry also became the first player to ever finish a regular season with a field goal percentage of better than 50 percent, better than a 45 percent field goal percentage, better than a 90 percent free throw percentage, all while averaging more than 30 points per game.

Curry said:

“Man, obviously they’re numbers that I’ve worked hard for and trued to elevate my game to that level. That 50-40-90 club, talk about as a shooter, that’s something that I find pretty special. I just played 79 games and to be able to shoot volume and accuracy and all that kind of stuff, that’s something. That’s why I shoot all the reps that I do, and to go out and play the way that I do. So that’s a pretty cool accomplishment.”

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