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Low tide leaves four boaters stranded

An airboat transported one person to shore while assisting a boat in distress in the South Bay this morning, according to firefighters.

Around 11 a.m. the Menlo Park Fire Protection District was notified of a boat in distress in the San Francisco Bay near East Palo Alto.

Firefighters dispatched a water rescue crew and located the boat south of the Dumbarton Bridge, according to Chief Harold Schapelhouman.

The vessel seems to have ventured into shallow water and gotten stuck when the tide went out, Schapelhouman said. One person was transported back to shore and three more decided to remain on-board until high tide this evening.

According to Schapelhouman, rescues like this are a common occurrence in the South Bay:

“It’s not unusual where they get stuck high and dry because they’re not thinking about what happens when the tide goes out. Don’t get yourself into areas where once the tide goes out you’re going to be stranded. It’s never a good idea.”

He advises boaters to know where they are avoid shallow waters and be prepared for emergencies.

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