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Tony Allen faux pas causes Oracle outrage

Warriors fans love tradition at Oracle Arena.

One of the things they hold dear to their hearts is the Junior Jam Squad, a dance group made up of youngsters who put most adults to shame with their perfected moves during timeouts at Warriors home games.

The Squad receives louder applause than any other timeout or halftime entertainment, but during a timeout routine in the second quarter of the Warriors first game against the Grizzlies, they were interrupted and a villain was born.

WARRIORS WIN GAME 1 Golden State shows their depth.

In the middle of an MC Hammer tribute routine — one that was welcomed with multiple ovations — Memphis guard Tony Allen walked right through the middle of the dancing kids and felt Oracle’s wrath.

After a wave of boos that filled the arena with the ferocity saved for the most controversial of referee decisions, Allen was dead in the eyes of Warriors fans.

Throughout the game he was booed every time he touched the ball with chants breaking out of “Tony Allen hates kids” and “Tony you suck.”

Even Draymond Green‘s mother, who always has something to say, chimed in on the action.

Allen will have his work cut out for him as the series wears on, now competing against the Warriors and their ferocious fans.

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