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Couple watch their stolen car get wrecked

A husband and wife saw a man steal their car Wednesday morning and then followed it, watching as the...

42 people died at work in Bay Area in 2013

Dozens of workplace deaths were recorded in five Bay Area counties throughout 2013.

Raiders expected to scope receivers at combine

Enter combine season — a seemingly endless evaluation process of young men with big dreams and little to lose.

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  1. An important part of the judge’s ruling is that “For each such deficiency, the Written Report must set forth the evidence as of June 2013 which supported the finding of deficiency.” The ACCJC has not been providing colleges the evidence which support their findings. Hopefully this will mean that in the future, the ACCJC will provide all colleges with the evidence which support any negative findings. If this happens, not only will CCSF be a winner but so will all of California’s community colleges.