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Mallard Island body was in water at least a month

The Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office released new information Wednesday evening after performing an autopsy on a decomposing body...

Oakland police investigating double homicide

Two people were shot and killed in West Oakland Tuesday evening.

Deliberations ahead in illegal search trial

A federal jury is due to begin deliberating Wednesday in the trial of two San Francisco police officers.

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  1. SFMTA Board member Cheryl Brinkman said this a great step forward for San Francisco: “We’re here to provide transportation for the entire city and if there are people who can’t afford to use our transportation, it is our responsibility as a citizen to take care of people and to make sure that you have access to transportation.”

    One can only wonder how much taxpayer money has been funneled back to lobbyists and other “car-free” advocates through the SFMTA since 2007 .


    Free MUNI is another great example of how our Municipal Transit Agency funnels public funds back to their friends and family disguised as “advocacy groups”


    Mayor Ed Lee apparently has no concern over conflicts of interest on the SFMTA Board, especially when SFMTA Board Members are allowed to award city contracts to their friends and family. The central subway tunnel project has been a cash cow http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/matier-ross/article/Albany-track-s-drink-special-criticized-4439719.php

  2. FREE Muni for youth, FREE Muni for fare evaders, and now FREE Muni for seniors? FREE MUNI is not free.

    It has been paid for paid for raising taxes, passing new bonds, and preying on city motorists. In the old old days this concept was called, “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” Free MUNI is another legislative tactic by Mayor Lee and the SFMTA board to buy votes before the next election.

    Politicians secure their power through the generous use of taxpayer dollars. Free MUNI is another great example of how Lee’s Administration extracts our money, buys votes, and funnels money to the many walking and bicycling “advocacy groups” who are being funded by the SFMTA budget.

    How is FREE MUNI being paid for now? Heavily influenced by a massive pro-Prop A spending campaign, the San Francisco voters approved Prop A on November 4,2014. Prop A authorizes San Francisco’s government to sell $500 million in transportation General Obligation bonds. Including interest on the bonds, Prop A will cost the tax payers of San Francisco over a billion dollars.

    Margaret Thatcher said it best, “The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money to spend.”