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SSF pedestrians get safer crosswalks

The city of South San Francisco has upgraded five pedestrian crosswalks in a continuing effort to enhance pedestrian safety, city officials announced Wednesday.

Crosswalks along Grandview Drive and DNA Way were stripped of hard-to-service in-ground pedestrian indicators and were refitted with solar-powered signals mounted on stand-alone poles that flash when a push-button device is triggered.

Each new solar-powered utility pole is equipped with amber-colored LED lights to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while increasing driver awareness and pedestrian safety.

Public Works Director Brian McMinn said in a statement that the new technology will increase reliability, reduce the overall maintenance cost, and reduce energy usage:

“These flashing beacons implement the latest in pedestrian crossing standards.”

Old crossing systems required multiple poles and pedestals, constant bouts with wiring and rewiring, and higher usage of electricity to warn motorists of crossing pedestrians.

The new crossing systems mirror the latest pedestrian safety projects recently completed on Forbes Boulevard, which added new bicycle lanes, landscaping, and pedestrian crosswalk systems to South San Francisco‘s major business thoroughfare.

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