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Mountain lions spotted near UC Santa Cruz

Multiple mountain lion sightings have been reported in the past week in Santa Cruz, police said.

The most recent sighting was on Friday, when two mountain lions were seen by Barn Theater near High Street and Coolidge Drive at the University of California at Santa Cruz, according to UCSC police. Officers notified the college’s Puma Project and the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, campus police said.

Another puma sighting was reported early Thursday morning in the green space area in the 1900 block of Bay Street, according to Santa Cruz police.

Warden and puma rescuers from the state Department of Fish and Wildlife monitored the animal’s activity and it was last seen heading north toward the UCSC campus, police said. That sighting comes two days after a mountain lion was reportedly seen Tuesday in the 100 block of Las Ondas Court, police said.

The big cat was seen in the backyard of a home around 8 a.m. Tuesday, according to police. Officers and state fish and game wardens searched the surrounding neighborhood but did not see the lion, police said. Police notified area residents of the sighting by phone.

Residents are advised to exercise caution and to protect pets and small children if they spot a mountain lion, according to police. More information on mountain lions can be found by visiting portalprotectencounters.asp and mountain-lion-faq/.

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