Deceased daughter’s gnomes stolen from dad


To passersby, the two garden gnomes Frank Rossini kept in the front yard of his Concord home were just part of the landscape. But to Rossini, the gnomes were a fond reminder of his daughter who died two years ago.

However, a few weeks ago, the gnomes disappeared.

According to Mike Grimes, Rossini’s grandson, the two gnomes were taken from the hedges of the Olive Drive home. He told KTVU-TV:

“All my grandfather wants are his statues back. They mean the world to him.”

The missing gnomes were sculpted by Rossini’s daughter Carolyn when she was six. According to Grimes, his aunt was killed two years ago by a drunk driver.

In a plea to the thieves, Rossini has erected a sign in his front yard. The notice reads:

“Will the person who took our statues, please return them. They were made by our daughter who was killed. They have a special place in our hearts. Thank you!”

If you have any clues about the missing gnomes’ whereabouts, please help them find their way home. According to Grimes, you’ll be greeted by a very grateful father:

“He’d probably shake the hand of whoever returns them.”

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