Peter Shih offered one-way ticket back to NYC


While Peter Shih tries to live down his status as San Francisco’s Most Unwanted Man, one travel site is offering him an easy way out — a free one-way ticket to New York City.

In last week’s now infamous blog post called “Ten Things I Hate About You: San Francisco Edition,” the tech entrepreneur ripped on the The City’s weather, women and homeless, while comparing it to “real”cities like New York City.

The tirade — which he’s since deleted and apologized for — swept through news outlets and the Twitterverse in a frenzy. Amid the angry push-back and finger-snapping rhetoric, many wondered why Shih just doesn’t get the hell out of here.

Now, travel company CheapAir.com wants in on the action — if just for some easy publicity.

Company officials released an open letter to Shih that said they’ll happily help him escape “the chasm of hell they call San Francisco.”

Here’s an excerpt of the letter:

Hi Peter,

We read with horror your post “10 Things I Hate About You: San Francisco Edition” and the unthinkable circumstances you have lived through. We get it—there is only so much variable weather, bad parking, and inconvenient transportation schedules that one man can possibly endure! And we can’t fathom why the women of San Francisco have been so unwelcoming.

Listen, we want to help rescue you from that chasm of hell they call “San Francisco”. We frequently hear from individuals with heart-wrenching stories who ask for assistance with flights, but yours has struck a chord like no other.

So we would like to extend an offer for a FREE one way flight from San Francisco to New York. Your trip out of town will be on us!

Shih, who defended his post as satirical, apologized for his “idiotic and childish” comments last Saturday.

However, it looks like the blow-back isn’t over yet.

Take cover, Peter — it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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