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Trucker smashes big rig into Golden Gate tollbooth

The busy Tuesday morning commute worsened after a big rig towing a trailer crashed into a Golden Gate Bridge tollbooth closing three lanes when the driver tried to use a lane that was too small for his truck.

At 8:43 a.m. Donald Dayler, traveling south from Sonoma County, drove his truck into the number three lane toll plaza because heavy traffic didn’t allow him to merge into the larger lanes on his right, according to CHP spokesman Andrew Barclay.

The truck damaged the toll plaza and its own axle, but no injuries were reported.

The crash comes during the second day of the ongoing BART worker strike as hundreds of thousands of commuters across the Bay Area were forced to find alternative means of transportation.

The Bay Bridge was packed with commuters Tuesday morning as were area ferries and busses along with local freeways.

Traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge was also affected as emergency crews blocked the number two, three and four lanes while investigating the cause of the crash and they stopped southbound traffic four times to remove the truck and debris from the bridge, according to Barclay.

Repair crews opened traffic lanes at 11 a.m., but kept lanes two and three closed to make repairs to the toll plaza.

Although the driver failed to use the designated truck lanes no charges have been filed against him as there are no restrictions against driving a truck and trailer across the bridge, according to Barclay.

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