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‘Flex alert’ in effect as inland heat stifles

With another day of hot temperatures for most of Northern California, energy officials are again urging people to cut down on their use of electricity.

Air conditioners turned on high have been sucking energy from the region’s electrical grid since a heat wave settled on the region over the weekend, so officials at the California ISO are keeping a“flex alert” in effect thru Tuesday for Northern California.

As temperatures rise during the afternoon, demand for electricity is expected to peak around 4:30 p.m. With the increased demand, energy officials are asking people not to use heavy appliances until after 6 p.m.

Officials are also asking people to turn off unnecessary lights, keep the air conditioner set at 78 degrees, pull drapes to keep the sun from heating up homes and businesses and to use fans to try to keep things comfortable.

Meanwhile, as temperatures remain relatively comfortable in San Francisco and along the beaches, forecasters say residents of inland areas can expect more hot weather for at least the next two days.

After temperatures broke 100 degrees throughout Contra Costa County and the inland areas of Napa County again on Monday, the National Weather Service is predicting pretty much the same for Tuesday.

The high temperature in Antioch should hit 102, while Concord should see a high of 98 degrees.

Forecasters have extended an “excessive heat warning” for the inland areas through Wednesday evening, and say the hot weather will probably stick around until Thursday.

But thanks to a marine layer and cool breezes off the water, it’s  different story along the coast.  High temperatures in San Francisco and along the beaches are expected to be in the low to upper 70s.

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