Gold Dust reopens on Fisherman’s Wharf tonight


SFBay has been following the Gold Dust Lounge — the former Union Square staple watering hole — since its landlord woes and legal shenanigans became front page fodder a year ago.

Now, my friends, the soap opera looks to be coming to a much-needed close.

Bay City News reports that the bar will finally reopen today at its new locale at Fisherman’s Wharf.

And we aren’t talking about any old cut-the-blue-ribbon-and-open-the-doors type of opening. Although Mayor Ed Lee and a handful of city supervisors will be on hand for that very thing later in the afternoon.

We are talking full parade procession from the Gold Dust’s old home on Powell Street to the new 2,700-square foot spot, complete with cable cars, horse-drawn wagon and the bar’s house band, Johnny Z and the Camaros.

And in recognition of all those individuals who made the “Save The Gold Dust Lounge” campaign a full-fledged movement, the bar is specially inviting supporters to try out the new spot before it opens to the rest of the public.

The procession is expected to start around 3:15 p.m. and end up at the new Jefferson Street location around 4. The Gold Dust will fully open to the public around 7 p.m.

If you’re looking to get in tonight to be part of the festivities, you should probably plan on getting there relatively early: The Gold Dust is expecting to be packed to capacity all weekend, particularly on Sunday for the Super Bowl.

It’s the return of the Harbowl, baby!

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