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Cop sues another cop over alleged harassment

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, what better way than a lawsuit to tell an ex that you really don’t want to get back together?

That’s exactly what happened as a Pleasant Hill police officer is now suing the city and the police department, alleging that another officer sexually harassed her after she ended their relationship.

Veteran Officer Kelli Geis alleges that Lt. Jose Delatorre stalked and harassed her after she broke up with him in 2011. They had been dating on and off for three years.

Geis claims in the suit filed in December with the Contra Costa County Superior Court that Delatorre created a hostile work environment, and she allegedly endured sexual harassment, gender discrimination, emotion distress.

Delatorre was a supervising officer at the time of the alleged harassment. Geis is seeking compensation and punitive damages.

According to the suit, after the breakup Delatorre called Geis repeatedly at work, sometimes calling her offensive names. Delatorre would supposedly get angry with her if she didn’t answer, confront her in her cubicle at the Pleasant Hill Police Department, and yell at her, the suit alleges.

The suit claims that in January 2012, Geis was reassigned against her will to patrol under Delatorre’s supervision. She alleges that as he was a patrol division commander, he would take her off calls for service because she refused to get back together with him. Geis claims that he also allegedly told other officers that he would beat them up if they tried to date her.

Talk about a jealous ex.

The case gets more juicy as Geis said that in May 2012, she agreed to meet Delatorre in a parking lot — while they were both on duty. He allegedly became angry when she once again, refused to get back together with him.

The lawsuit said that Delatorre may have even used GPS tracking to follow Geis while she worked because he supposedly showed up twice when she was on a break with a fellow officer.

It is not known if Delatorre is on administrative leave following the suit.

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