Chandra Levy murder case resurfaces


It was just over ten years ago that the body of Congressional intern Chandra Levy was found in a park in Washington D.C., and a very public murder case ensued.

Now, the man originally convicted for the crime could be the wrong guy.

“Secret meetings” have started up in the D.C. area regarding new evidence in the murder case, KGO-TV reports.

At the conclusion of the murder trial in 2011, undocumented immigrant and convicted rapist Ingmar Guandique was found guilty on two counts of first degree murder and sentenced to 60 years in prison. The belief is these secret meetings pertain to a witness that might have given false testimony.

It is not known which witness has given false information. But it has been enough for the Justice Department and representatives for Guandique to agree to postpone any chance of him appealing. At least, until this matter of bad testimony is sussed out in these secret meetings.

Robert Levy, the victim’s father, told reporters:

“They haven’t really said because it’s all secret … about whether they have to have another trial or another suspect or whatever, we don’t know. They can’t tell us because it’s secret.”

Several media sources, including The Washington Post and the Associated Press, asked Wednesday that the records pertaining to these meetings and Guandique’s court appearance be unsealed. But the records are to remain locked due to “safety concerns,” USA Today reports.

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