Kaepernick delivers pizzas to starving media


Confession: This little sports writer is on the Colin Kaepernick bandwagon.

The Kaep-wagon. Whichever you prefer.

Between the shot-out-of-a-cannon season, the tattooed triceps, and the fact that he watches cartoons during his downtime, it’s hard to find a reason to not like the 49ers starting quarterback.

Particularly when — gasp! — the seemingly polite Superbowl-bound player was even nice to the media.

SFGate’s Niner blog reports that Kaepernick and his agency, XAM Sports, had 15 pizzas sent to an over-crowded media trailer Thursday. The delivery had media veterans “straining” to remember when an athlete last treated the media to free food.

The reason Kaep had the food delivered is unknown. It isn’t like he’s in dire need of good press; he already garners plenty of that.

Perhaps he was just in a really good mood and felt like spreading the wealth?

Perhaps he wanted to make up for how much his head coach despises the media and felt like us nerds with our recorders need a little love?

Whatever the reason, we’re sure the eats were greatly appreciated.

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