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Cold snap brings snow and more to Bay Area

For any of you currently living in a cave, it’s freezing cold outside.

We’re talking beastly cold.

Heavy fog at the coast would be downright balmy compared to the clear skies and frigid air that is currently occupying the greater Bay Area.

It is so cold even, that there was snow. Yes, snow.

KGO-TV reports the mix of freezing temperatures and misty skies have given way to snow along Highway 9 heading into the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Granted, most of the snow was melted by late morning since there are absolutely no clouds to shield out the sun. But with more sprinkles a possibility this weekend, don’t be surprised if there is another layer of fresh powder in our near future.

And snow isn’t the only foreign concept swept into the Bay Area by the recent cold front. Inside Bay Area warns the below freezing temperatures could result in “black ice” on roadways and frozen outdoor plants.

The Merc writes the cold snap could potentially break local records, “including one in San Jose that goes back to the 19th century.”

And if that doesn’t send chills down your spine, nothing will.

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