Failed daytime mugger shocks woman in the face


As if having to watch your back when pulling your phone out of your pocket at night wasn’t bad enough — you’ll have to be extra aware in broad daylight too.

A woman was reportedly mugged around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday on the corner of Divisadero and Haight Street, Haighteration reports. While the mugging was initially foiled, the suspect succeeded in shocking the victim in the face with some sort of electric weapon.

The victim reported the mugger “tased” her twice on the cheek and then on her chest, though the weapon sounds more like a cheaper, contact-based stun gun than a projectile-firing Taser device.

Either way, makes you shudder just thinking about those volts traveling through your cheek, doesn’t it? Seriously, you have to be a pretty mean mo-fo to shoot thousands of volts of electricity into a stranger’s face.

The woman described the incident to Haighteration, explaining that she had been waiting for the 24 bus when the assailant accosted her. When the attempt to grab her phone failed, the suspect went after her purse, she said.

The victim says she started screaming, and people in nearby businesses started running out, at which point the unsuccessful mugger chose to flee in an SUV, which is believed to be rented.

SFPD arrived on the scene shortly after the incident to take a report. No follow-up information regarding the assault has been released.

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