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Nakajima sparks ‘sexiest GM’ ranking

Hiroyuki Nakajima wasn’t the biggest free agent signing and he has hasn’t even taken a swing for the A’s, but he’s causing quite a stir with his words.

No, he didn’t say anything controversial. He actually said something funny.

At his introductory press conference, he said, through his interpreter:

“[A’s General Manager] Billy Beane is extremely sexy and cool, so that is definitely one of the reasons I signed here.”

Beane played along:

“…We also think he’s sexy and cool. And that’s what we’re about here in Oakland: sexy and cool.”

But that was just the beginning. Yahoo! Sports decided to run with the idea of sexiest general managers in baseball and created a list.

If Nakajima wanted to sign with the team with the “sexiest GM,” he picked the wrong team. According to a list compiled by David Brown of the Big League Stew blog, Nakajima should have signed with Arizona and Kevin Towers, apparently the sexist GM in baseball.

To Nakajima’s credit, Beane did finish second in this ranking. Brown described Beane as a:

“…combination of All-America looks, an engaging personality and SABR-wonkiness is practically unbeatable.”

I reached out to Brown on Twitter to find out if he polled anyone or if he came up with the rankings on his own.

How did Beane’s cross-bay rival do in this informal ranking? Not so well.

Giants GM Brian Sabean finished 27th out of 30. I guess Brown and the people he solicited don’t like scruffy grey beards. If Sabean is upset over where he ranked, he can cheer himself up by looking at his reflection in his two World Series trophies.

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti may be able to seduce and lure some of baseball’s best players, but Brown doesn’t think he’d seduce much else. The former Giants assistant GM finished dead last in the ranking. Giants fans — and many baseball fans — are hoping the Dodgers mirror their GM’s lack of success to finish in last place in 2013.

Nakajima’s quote is sure to catch on with A’s fans. Don’t be surprised if the Bleacher Creatures at the Coliseum create a “Sexy & Cool Hiro” fan club.

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