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David Akers dumps Twitter after death threat

My dear football fans: I love you all dearly. You are all my brothers from other mothers, sisters from other misters, etc etc.

We are bound by our undying love of Sundays planted in front of the big screen with a Prohibition in one hand and a guacamole-laden Tostitos Scoop in the other.

That being said, I so do not love the fact that some of you haven’t learned to keep your violent words towards certain athletes off of Twitter.

As if all the threats Kyle Williams received after last season’s NFC Championship Game weren’t bad enough, it seems as though angry fans have turned their attention to Niners kicker David Akers.

SFGate reports that Akers has disabled his account following a threat on his life Wednesday night from Twitter user @RIP_FreeLaddin. The tweet in question said, and I quote:


And some of you still ask me why I don’t have a Twitter account.

First off, sports fans, someone with such an inability to put a proper sentence together shouldn’t be allowed to post anything on any social media site. Seriously, go back to grammar school.

And second of all: Keep your empty death threats to yourself. They’re only going to get you into trouble.

I get it. Akers is having a less-than-stellar season. But is only making 25 field goals out of 35 attempts a reason to threaten a guy?

This @RIP_FreeLaddin character subsequently had his/her account disabled — oh gee, I wonder why? — once Akers re-tweeted the threat.

A representative for the Niners told SFGate that teams and players notify the proper authorities when they believe a threat is legit, and that:

“There is no indication the 49ers or Akers believe Wednesday night’s threat is credible.”

All the same, Akers deleted his account. Who can blame him?

So again, football faithful, do me and yourselves a solid and stop threatening people’s lives on the Internet. Find a hobby to channel your frustrations. Try kickboxing, it’s healthier and won’t get your Twitter or whatever deleted.

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